Board of Directors

In 1999, a Sonoma Valley business man stepped forward in response to the pleas of a group of valley residents concerned about the future of the Kenwood School. With his very generous donation of $10,000 the Kenwood Education Foundation was launched. That businessman, although he did not have children in the Kenwood School, recognized the importance of education to the lives of the local residents and local businesses. Building on the dreams of our founders, the current KEF Board of Directors is comprised of Kenwood School parents, community members, and business leaders working together to reach beyond the parent body and involve the entire community in supporting quality educational programs for our children.

2020 - 2021

Chad Wyatt, President

Evan Howland, Vice President

Kathy Kimpel,  Secretary

Dave Crockett, Treasurer

Rachel Cusick, Director

Cullen Ruegemer & Meg Sutula, Directors

Megan Seller, Director

Maggie Howland, Director

Mike Menefee, Director

Susan & Scott Boyle, Director

Arthur Dawson, Director

Gregory & Lindsay Hamilton, Directors

Bob Bales, Ex-Officio Member


Andie Altman
Renate Amantite
Jennifer Anderson
Susie Bantis
Daren Bellach
Henry Belmonte
Dawn Benziger
Karen Borgfeldt
Joe Carbonaro
Mary Caughey
Jay Cobb
Patricia Crocker
Sally Doss
Daymon Doss
Erica Dickey
Joan Dinner
Nazar Eljumaily
Janet Fisher
Fay Gallus
Al Gilmour
Candace Gilliland
Eric Gilliland
Susan Grivas
Nigel Hall
Michael Hogan
Alice Horowitz
Carolyn Ivancovich
Richard Kasmier
Karl Keener
John Kilcullen
Carrie Kerwin
Kavanaugh Koch
Diane Kopes-Kerr
Stacy Kunde
Christine Lee
Karen Littell
Barbara Londerville
Juli Lorenc
Marjorie MacLeod
Nancy Murray
Lisa Nowell
Cory O'Donnell
Doug Ongaro
Fred Parker
Barbara Parsons
Elysa Perry
Alec Peters
Laura Rogers
Ellen Romano
Gary Rosenberg
Julie Roth
Tony Russo
Barbara Slatkin
Robert Snater
Janis Snyder
Margo Van Staavaren
Maurice Tegelaar
Karen Voegels
Wolf Cramer
Teresa Jepson
Rosemarie Ramponi
Kristin Lamar
Carly House
Lisa Olsen
Sara Poletto
Ed Colby
Jeff Kubiak
Jennifer O'Mahony
Robin Stoecker
Katie Shinn
Veronika Scheftner
Noel Amand
Tina Lubas
Lesley LemMon
Mario Azevedo
Chris Tonelli
Tony Valluzzo
John Holman
Mary Piasta-Valluzzo
Abby Peterson
Katie Popov
Regina Rolland
Cynthia Coleman
Cheryl Ghisla
Mark Huber
Jodie Spanger
Peg Vancini
Billy Friedman, Ex-Officio